Engineering & Contractors

World Wide Engineering & Contractors

Scope of Activities

We do not specialise in one field of mining services but provides a flexible dynamic organisation geared to serve the needs of constantly changing industry. This is achieved by the constant assessment of market needs and the employment of multi skilled sub-contracted workers, making use of workshop facilities owned by the business.

Our services include:


Product Range

  • Flatcars
  • Timber Cars
  • Material Cars
  • Explosives Cars
  • U/G Stores Cars
  • Drill Steel Cars
  • Gas Bottle Transport Cars
  • Material Bogie Cars
  • Pilot Cars
  • Stretcher Cars
  • Winch Transport Cars
  • Rc Power Hopper
  • Rollomatic 6 Ton Hopper
  • Bottom Discharge Hopper
  • Wide Door Hoppers
  • Man Carriages
  • Guard Car Hopper
  • Mill Feed Hopper
  • Transfer Chutes
  • Tipping Ramps
  • Dolley Wheels
  • Box Fronts
  • Hopper Vibrators
  • Railway Stops


  • Chicken Broilers (Hoender Hokke)
  • Farm Storage (Plaas Store)
  • Cattle Pins (Bees Krale)
  • Bomas
  • Farm Gates
  • Factories
  • Ballastrades
  • Commercial Steel Works
  • Bird Gages
  • Burglar Proofing
  • Safety & Security Doors

On site repairs

  • Rolling stock manufacturing and Refurbishing,
  • General Agriculture and Diamond Digging,
  • Manufacture and repair of all steelwork,
  • Painting of pipes and construction,
  • Erecting and painting of all signboards,
  • Installation of all types of fencing,
  • Pipeline installations,
  • Steel construction,

Our Product Range:

6 Divisions, 1 Group, a Million Reasons to Do Business with Us.

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