Shadeports & Awnings

World Wide Shadeports & Awnings

World Wide Shadeports has become a household name in the North West Province for the last 12 years, with a excellent reputation in the industry. We have grown and continue to improve the level of service and support it offers to its clients.

The Company specializes in Carports;

A) Carports

  • Normal Dome-top Shade ports
  • Canter Lever Dome-top Shade ports
  • Tunnel Shape Awning Type Carports

B) IBR Roofing

  • Peak-top IBR Roofs
  • Tunnel Shape IBR Roofs
  • Flat-top IBR Roofs

C) Awnings

  • Patio-Box Awnings
  • Patio-Round nose Awnings
  • Standard Round Awnings
  • Fold-Up Awnings
  • Dome Awnings
  • Wedge Type Awnings

D) Roll-Up`s

  • PVC Roll – Ups
  • Ripstop Roll – Ups

Our Product Range:

6 Divisions, 1 Group, a Million Reasons to Do Business with Us.

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