Tarp & Tent

World Wide Tarp & Tent

World-Wide Tarp & Tent has a variety of products and has already made its mark in the industry. World-Wide Tarp & Tent has proven itself in the market and are able to deliver on our commitments.

World Wide Tarp & Tent is well known for the quality products we manufacture and excellent service we strive for.

World Wide Tarp & Tent has proven itself in 5 major sectors of the industry;

  1. Mining Sector
  2. Transport Sector
  3. Private Sector & Farming Industries
  4. Sport & Recreation
  5. Hunting & Fishing Sector


Mining Products

  • Reinforced Orepass Safety Nets
  • Reinforced Sling Bag
  • Clear Lunch Bag with Back straps
  • Green Haver Bag
  • Haversack
  • Note Book Pouch
  • First Aid Pouch
  • Core Sample Bag
  • Explosive Bags PVC
  • Full Range of PVC Mining related bags & Pouches

Transport Products

  • PVC Truck Tarpaulins
  • Cargo Nets
  • Load Straps
  • Ratchets

Private Sector & Farming Industries

  • Dam Liners
  • Grain Silo`s for Storage
  • Fumigation tarps
  • Marquees Tents
  • Utility Vehicle Covers ( Ripstop& PVC)
  • Chicken House Curtains

Sport & Recreation

  • Cricket pitch covers
  • Marquees Tents
  • High Jump Mats
  • Tackle Bags
  • Scrum Machine cushions
  • Fishing Rod Carry Cases

Hunting & Fishing Sector

  • Game Tarps and Nets
  • Shooting X Bags
  • Meat Bags ( Vleis sakke )
  • Hunting Chairs (Jag Stoele)
  • Game Stretchers (Wild dra sake)
  • Sheep Rail Covers
  • Hunting Racks ( Jag Tralies )


6 Divisions, 1 Group, a Million Reasons to Do Business with Us.

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